Heart with Wings

Pir-o-Murshid Council.Est. April 20, 2009

This Council is presided over by the Joint General Representatives.
The members are the appointed Secretaries of the five Activities and the appointed Secretary of the Office of Headquarters, and may include appointed Murshids(as). Consultants may be welcomed on special invitation.

The mystical purpose of this Council is to collectively safeguard the Holy seat of the “Pir-o-Murshid” for many years to come.

This special spiritual Council meets at least once a year or at any time on invitation by the Joint General Representatives.

Current Members of the Pir-o-Murshid Council

Co-Presidents and Joint General Representatives:

Stephanie Nuria Sabato and Nawab Pasnak

Member: Mahmood Khan

Activity Secretaries, Sufi Order:
Stephanie Nuria Sabato and Nawab Pasnak (Interim)

Activity Secretary, Universal Worship: Ulma Moerenburg

International Secretaries, Brotherhood/Sisterhood Activity:
KarimaGita Erickson and Johara Steingrover

Activity Secretary, Spiritual Healing:
Shakti Genn

Activity Secretary, Symbology: Amir Smits

Member: Petra-Beate Schildbach

Member: Waldo van Essen

Headquarters Secretary: Hamida Verlinden