Heart with Wings

Seven Aspects of Brotherhood and Sisterhood

Brotherhood and Sisterhood Activity

From a Human Point of View: Talking to each other in his or her own tone.

From a Social Point of View: Showing understanding for the opinions of others.

From a Religious Point of View: Promoting the unity of religious ideals.

From a Moral Point of View: Offering all that which is expected while expecting nothing in return.

From a Point of View of Wisdom: Being a living example of Love, Harmony and Beauty.

From a Mystical Point of View: Freeing oneself from the illusion of self.

From a Spiritual Point of View: Attuning oneself and others to the divine Spirit of Guidance.

Reprinted from 'Sufi Teachings Lectures from Lake O'Hara' by Hidayat Inayat-Khan, Ekstasis Editions, Canada, 1994