Heart with Wings


Hazrat Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan

It is our great privilege to share from the precious Sufi Movement HQ archives these treasured books in various languagues. Murshid Hidayat Inayat-Khan writes: We are really extremely enthusiastic about this wonderful project, scanning the old books, which could be most wonderfully used for spreading the Message in the various countries. Looking forward to this precious revival of the olden days, which hold real blessings because the translations were made by mureeds of Hazrat Inayat Khan, some of whom I do remember. In deepest gratitude and with all our love... from Hidayat and Aziza

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• Gayan Vadan Nirtan


• L'Education de la Jeunesse
• La Vie Interieure
• La Voie de la Revelation
• Le Mysticisme du Son
• Message Soufi de la Liberte Spirituelle
• Notes de la Musique Silencieuse


• Das Innere Liben
• Der Seele Woher und Wohin
• Der Zweck des Lebens
• Die Schale von Saki
• Die Sprache des Kosmos
• Die Welt des Sinnes
• Gayan Vadan Nirtan
• Im Lichte der Einheit
• Mystic von Laut und Ton
• Naturmeditationen


• Il Messaggio
• L'Anima donde viene? Dove va?
• La Danza Dell’Anima o “Nirtan
• Note Di Musica Silenziosa
• Perle dell'Oceano Invisibile
• Sinfonia Divina o 'Vidan'


• I En Osterlands
• Livets Hensikt
• Personlighetens Kunstk Rosenhave


• A Arte da Personalidade
• A Cultura Moral
• A Educacao
• A Mensagem Sufi
• A Molestia suas Causas e sua Cura
• A Saude e sua Conservacao
• O Mundo Mental


• Det Inre Livet
• Livets Andamal

For other recent translated articles, visit our collaborator's site at: Reach Far and Wide.

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