Heart with Wings

Murshida Nuria Stephanie Sabato

Upcoming 2017 Events

2017 Upcoming Events

Virtures of the Heart Peace Conference

Den Haag and Katwijk, Netherlands

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The message we seek to spread is an antidote to violence and a balm to the beauty of the human spirit. It is very important therefore to develop the following attitudes:

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Lake of the Ozarks Sufi Camp and Retreat

Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri USA
October 6-13, 2017

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You are invited to a family reunion of the Ozark Sufi Camp kinship. Here in the Heartland, we have joined together for 35 years to eat, dance, and pray together as a family. Children have grown up here, running among the trees and across the grassy fields. Spouses have met and fallen in love here, and have returned again with their own children. Friends on the Path of Love have met their Sufi Guides here, and are reunited each year with others drawn to the Message of Love, Harmony, and Beauty. Come, be reunited again with us for this 35-year celebration of dance, song, zikr, poetry, ceremony, meditation, and precious teachings

Murshida Nuria's Class
Towards Greater Happiness and Understanding

Thought draws the line of fate. Thoughts have prepared for us that happiness or unhappiness which we experience. The whole of mysticism is rounded on this. – Hazrat Inayat Khan

This class session will weave together teachings of Hazrat Pir-o-Murhsid Inayat Khan with breath practices, wazifah, and class discussion. Every aim is towards the practical applicaiton of Sufism in your everyday life.

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