Heart with Wings

Murshid Hidayat Inayat-Khan

The "Universelle" Our Temple

“O Thou, the maker, molder and builder of the universe,
build with Thine own hands the “Universelle”, our Temple
for thy Divine Message of love, harmony and beauty”

We have been brought together by destiny, and this has a special meaning. Together, we are building something in higher spheres. This building is a Divine Temple in which God’s Message shall be treasured for generations to come. It is designed by the hand of God, and is constructed upon our
Ideals of Love, Harmony and Beauty. Our thoughts shall serve as stones and bricks. Our feelings shall structure the walls, and our devotion shall hold this temple erect in service of the Cause.

It is not necessary that it should be built like the palace of the pharaoh, but we must not spare ourselves to add beauty to it in whatever form we may be able to give it. This Temple shall remain on the plane of the earth as a little souvenir of our devotion for the cause, a souvenir of the struggle
and fight through which all go in this pioneer work.

We read in the books of the ancient mystics and saints, that they did not come to perform miracles. But if there was a phenomenon it was themselves, it was their beings. Places flourished where holy ones lived, turning deserted areas into places of pilgrimage.

From a religious point of view, The Message would spread universally from out a Temple of all Religious Ideals, where it would shine like the sun rising above the clouds, and reaching beyond all horizons.

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