Heart with Wings

Murad Hassil

Summer School 2016

The Awakened Heart
Katwijk, Netherlands
July 11-17

Hazrat Inayat Khan: All that is good and beautiful and worth attaining is centered in that one spark, hidden in the heart of man… One moment of life with a living heart is worth more than a hundred years of life with a heart that is dead.

Selected Summer School Offerings By:

Nuria Stephanie Sabato

With much gratitude to Shanawaz and Hyatt-Christie van Gestel for the recording and editing of this video.

Listen to Summer School Lecture - Love, Life, Joy! (58:54 unedited)

We take it as our sacred duty to see God seated in the heart of everyone. In Murshid’s Prayer Salat we affirm every day that, “Thy Light is in all Forms, Thy Love in All Beings.” Download Lecture Text

Listen to Wazifa Practice - Ya Nur (21:09)

Hazrat Inayat Khan: Nur is specially that light which comes from the divine Sun, the spirit of God. All souls are made of that essence which is the essence of the whole manifestation; and the quality of that essence is that it absorbs all that is around it, and in time develops so that it will emerge into its own element, which is the divine.

Listen to Concentration Practice - Water (35:21)
Hazrat Inayat Khan (Murakkabah Gitas): There are some impressions which act to the benefit of ourselves or of another, and there are some impressions which act to the disadvantage of ourselves and of another. Therefore the Sufi seeks the goodwill of another, worthy or unworthy, and avoids at any cost, at any sacrifice, the ill will of another. The former falls as the shower of bliss, the latter rises as the blaze of fire.

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Nawab Pasnak

Listen to the following lectures by clicking on each title.

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KarimaGita Erickson-Harper

Listen to Wazifa Practice and Sacred Reading (24:49)

Ya Wahabo: To make things go on which have stopped in their movement,to cause movement in affairs.

From the Sacred Reading: Communicating With Life, Murshid teaches us: I would like to speak on the subject of communicating with life; that from the point of view of the mystic life in all its aspects is communicative if we only knew the secret of communicating with life. Download Entire Sacred Reading Text.

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Nirtan Pasnak, Krishna Dance

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Introduction to Krishna Dance: Nawab and Nirtan Pasnak

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Krishna Dance by Nirtan Pasnak

• Click to view "Guest Room – Homage of Abraham", Danced by Nirtan Pasnak

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The Awakened Heart Panel

• Listen Panel Presentation and Discussion (50:03)

The Awakened Heart
Panel with Nawab Pasnak, Moderator
KarimaGita Erickson-Harper, Amir Smits, Rani McLaughlin

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