Heart with Wings

1926 Speech: Message

given by Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan
at the American Radio in 1926

Beloved ones of God,

"Sufi Message" is a Message today, being given to humanity. It is not a Message of the East, but it is the Message of the Soul, the Spirit.

The Sufi word means wisdom, which comes from the root "Sofia". It is the work of that wisdom to give the Message today to humanity, in order that people may come together in a better understanding arising beyond the different sections of casts and creeds which divide mankind.

The "Sufi Message" is an answer to the cry of humanity today; at this moment, when materialism is all-pervading and commercialism is continually on the increase.

The "Sufi Message" respects all Religions, recognises all Scriptures, regards all the Prophets held in esteem by large sections of humanity, and is the Source and Goals of all "His Wisdom in the One".

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The original record was recorded at:
167 West 48th Street, New York
1103 Sixth Av. New York (USA)