Heart with Wings

The Spirit of Universal Sufism

by Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan

The Sufi shows universal kinship in one's adaptability. Among Christians one is a Christian, among Jews one is a Jew, among Muslims, a Muslim, among Hindus, a Hindu, for a Sufi is with all and thus all are with the Sufi. Sufis allow everyone to join with them in the brother/sisterhood, and in the same way allow themselves to join in any other. The Sufi never questions, "What is your creed, nation, or religion?" Neither does a Sufi ask, "What are your teachings or principles?" If you call a Sufi brother or sister, one answers as brother or sister.

Excerpt from the Social Gathekas, 2. Sufism - The Spirit of All Religions

Now the question, - if the Sufi Message is a new religion. Certainly it cannot be a new religion. When Jesus Christ has said that 'I have come to fulfil the law, not to give a new law'. It is the same religion which Jesus Christ has brought still continued further. It is one and the same stream which all prophets have brought and given to humanity, it is carried along. It is the same stream which is always there. The Message of the Sufi is the answer to the cry of humanity today, for it is in agreement with the science and it stands to defend all religions. The Sufi does not say this religion is greater than the other, nor does he come out and say this religion and that religion are equal. He leaves it to the individual to think as he thinks. He only holds his service as the proof of adhering all the teachers and respecting all the scriptures, which are respected by the collectivity.

Excerpt from the Religious Gathekas, 14. Three aspects of the work of the Sufi Movement