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The Great Ideal of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood Activity

Brotherhood and Sisterhood Activity

Through the ages there have been numerous calls for Brotherhood and Sisterhood, and in fact, all religions were originally created with that great Ideal as a basic principle of human relationship. Nevertheless, putting that ideal into practice is quite another matter. Hazrat Inayat Khan has mentioned so often in different ways, that Brotherhood and Sisterhood resides in the manner with which we approach others, at their own cultural level, thereby harmonising with their specific characteristics.

Truth need not be proven. It is untruth that tries to prove itself. Truth is above all arguments. Therefore, others should be given space to disagree with our opinion, and we should be prepared to reconsider our own opinion, when facing our own misjudgements. Respecting the opinion of others does not mean that we should feel obliged to adopt their convictions, but in reality, in so doing, we also enrich our own line of thought.

There are so many loving friends who try so much to help others - which is one of the great ideals of Brotherhood and Sisterhood - but how can one possibly help solving the problems of others if one has not yet solved one’s own problems? In solving one’s own problems, one might probably discover the needed wisdom, with which one shall be better equipped with the remedy required in helping others to solve their own problems.

Another great task relevant to the Ideal of Brotherhood and Sisterhood is to hold high the concept of Unity of Spiritual Ideals, without claiming righteousness. It is only the attunement to great Ideals which offers inspiration and divine guidance on the path of service to others. Let us search for the hidden receptiveness in each other, as a secret response to the Message of Love, Harmony and Beauty, and in so doing, discover the Divine Presence within.

Hidayat Inayat-Khan
June 22, 2009